Mermaid Experiences

Mermaid Experiences are a one-off session for an hour-long where they learn the safety of swimming in a tail, basic mermaid skills alongside some games, and free time to explore being a mermaid/merman. 

The session is £20 per swimmer, which includes the tail and fin hire, certificate of completion, and photos and videos of the experience underwater. 

These sessions are based around Norwich.


Parties can be held at a pool of your choice around Norfolk. The parties can run for 1 to 2 hours. These are a private session for the birthday mermaid or merman and their friends. A class of 6 who are aged between 6-15 years can get to learn and enjoy the mermaid world. 

Parties can also be brought to you, at a pool of your choice or a hall (mermaid dress up and photoshoot) for those that are maybe too young or not a strong swimmer.

Prices start from £160 for parties in a pool. 

Within a magical mermaid party, they get to have a photoshoot with their tails, they then get to jump in and have a session swimming in their tails. During this session, they will learn how to become a mermaid, learn the safety skills of swimming in a tail and of course playing mermaid games. At the end of the session, there will be an underwater photoshoot and free time with mermaid inflatables!

Each member of the party needs to meet the requirements to make sure they will be safe to swim in a tail, these can be viewed here: 




Contact us today to ask for a price for your personalised party.


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